Meet Amy

She attended Idaho State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She was a stay-at-home mom for 21 years before deciding to take her baking skills to the next level and buying Mrs. Powell’s Bakery in 2017. She is from Pocatello, but has lived in Idaho Falls for the last 14 years. She recently moved to Rigby.

Mrs. Powell's, your hometown bakery

We believe that what we are doing isn’t rocket science, but it is still important. We create high-quality treats and lunches because we believe doing our best is the only way to live.  We love to share what we do with everyone and hope they feel love and care when they come to one of our stores.

We make everything from scratch, no mixes or bags of frozen gunk. This means that the shelf life is short, but baked goods shouldn’t last for days or weeks. Cinnamon rolls should ideally be eaten the day they are made, so we make ours every day. We also don’t skimp on ingredients, even though that means we pay more to produce what we make.  This is something that definitely sets us apart from other bakeries.

Come on in to Mrs. Powell’s!

What people love about us

I visited Mrs Powell's after I asked for a chocolate pecan pie to be made for my husband's birthday. I had messaged them about a month out in anticipation. I messaged them over Facebook. They were very responsive and took all my details and answered any questions I had. For an entire choc pecan pie they only charged $17! Such an amazing price. They did not require a deposit. I picked the pie up today (husband's birthday) about mid day. I didn't catch her name but the lady at the front desk was very friendly and bubbly. The pie was absolutely delicious and worth every penny! They definitely could be charging more. The ingredients were great and the pie was dense and delicious! I also picked up a mini cinnamon roll while I was there and it was delicious. Fresh and good quality. When you first sign up you get a choice of a free cookie and there were lots to choose from! Would definitely order through them again.