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Mrs. Powell’s has been around since 1984! The current owners, Amy and Eric Romriell, have owned the bakery since March 2017. At Mrs. Powell’s we make everything from scratch. If we don’t make it ourselves, we won’t sell it (except, of course, all those drinks in our refrigerator!). We are passionate about making quality baked items and soups. When you come into our place, we want to serve you something as good (or better!) than what your grandma would make. We love what we do! Come check us out!


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What people love about us

I grew up eating Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls, with raisins of course, and once we left the area I, legitimately, have yet to find another place that has cinnamon rolls that are even close to as amazing! Part of it is Childhood nostalgia, but a lot more of it is the size and taste! The bread is light and fluffy, the cinnamon-sugar mixture is perfectly balanced to be sweet and just enough cinnamon spice to not be overpowering. I love the ones with raisins for the pop of sweet and the texture, but they do sell plain ones, though why anyone would want one.....then there's the icing. They use cream cheese frosting, which makes all the difference. I can't recommend this place enough. Though, if you want to take your cinnamon roll from the most delicious to the best you've ever had, heat it up in the microwave with butter and you will never have them another way again! Seriously, go and splurge, you deserve it!



19 E Main St
Rexburg, ID 83440


191 E Main St
Rigby, ID 83442


1813 S 25th E
Ammon, ID 83406